The Greek word for saints is an interesting one.  It is the word “hagios” and means “most holy thing” so a saint is a holy person but wait, aren’t all men sinners, even after they are saved?  Yes, that’s true but God sees us as having Jesus own righteousness because Christ became sin for us so that when the Father now sees us, He sees us as having the righteousness of Jesus Christ (2 Cor 5:21).   What about those who are saved or justified by faith in the Old Testament?  Does God considered them saints too?  The Hebrew word used in the Old Testament for saint is “chaciyd” which means “faithful, kind, godly,” and “holy one” so we see that the use of the word saint essentially means the same thing in both the Old and New Testament and that is “holy ones.”  There is yet another Hebrew word for saint and it is “qadowsh” which again means “sacred, holy, holy one” and “set apart.”  When believers are called and saved we are sanctified or “set apart for holy use” which is what sanctified means.  So the Bible mentions believers in both the Old and New Testament as saints.

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