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As a priest, deacon, or catechist, among the challenges you face in facilitating the RCIA program at the parish level is not only providing solid and comprehensive catechesis, but navigating through the various steps and periods involved, as well as understanding where the different liturgical rites fall in the initiation process for catechumens and previously baptized Christians.

There are often questions about the structure of the RCIA program, terminology, working with both catechumens and baptized Christians, how and when to celebrate liturgical rites, who can preside over those rites, and who is supposed to celebrate them.

Our aim is to make your life easier. That’s why we’ve developed this series of video lessons specifically for you as a facilitator of an RCIA program.

This series provides a wealth of information and guidance to help you better understand the structure of RCIA, the formation process, and implementation of its various steps and periods. Topics include the importance and nature of catechesis, using correct terminology, liturgical rites, ministries and offices, the time and place of initiation, adaptations ministers can make to the rites, and others.

We’ll walk you through the major components of the RCIA program, including the introduction section, the program contents, and the three appendices.

Rest assured, we’ve made every effort in this series of videos to provide you with the knowledge you need to facilitate an RCIA program with confidence.

Finally, we invite you to fully utilize our free, video-based RCIA program to help you provide candidates and students with a systematic and comprehensive education in the divine faith of the Church.

May our Lord Jesus Christ bestow his grace and peace upon you, and support you in your work for his holy Church.

For free. For everyone. Forever.

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Instructor Bio:

Professor of Theology, Department Chair

Deacon Frederick Bartels

Deacon Frederick Bartels is a member of the Catholic clergy who serves the Church in the diocese of Pueblo, CO. He received an MA in Theology and Educational Ministry from Catholic Distance University, where he is currently employed as an adjunct professor of theology. He is founder and editor of Joy In Truth (joyintruth.com), an online magazine dedicated to the New Evangelization. As a Catholic educator, public speaker and evangelist, Deacon Bartels strives to infuse culture with the saving principles of the gospel. He lives in Colorado with his wife, Shelly, and the youngest two of their six children. Professor Bartels is Chairman of the Theology Department.